About Us

A funny thing happened years ago. A locale haunt known as the Bucktown Pub in an ever changing area underwent a dazzling makeover. Since that reincarnation, it’s commanded residents all the way from Wisconsin to make the trek for a libation! The draught beers got exponentially better, the staff became kinder and certainly nicer to look at, and a 1200 square foot patio conducive for a yoga sanctuary opened up. You know the place. Sure, I could go on and tell you how on Sunday nights it’s hands down the best place in the city to be for an open mic, or how the juke contains music from obscure films you’ve only dreamt of- but I’ll refrain. Then of course there’s THE hottest booty shakin’ MCs on Karaoke night, but again I won’t bother you with such details.

Though I will say this of the Bucktown Pub; While its no secret that gentrification is occurring in the neighborhood, there is no doubt it’s the diversity at the Bucktown Pub that is one of the biggest draws. Old Artists, young professionals, motorcycle mechanics, derby gals and the occasional tamale guy seem to find themselves in a dimension that caters to the special needs of YOU. Sure they make a great martini and a tasty margarita, but it’s the constant flow of creamy draught beer and smooth shots from this stunning bar that’ll have you demanding another round. When you find yourself satisfying your savory needs at the popcorn machine which is made freshly on the hour, take it all in and you’ll realize there’s nothing quite like the place you currently stand.

But what do I know? I’ve been a regular since the day they opened the doors and I’ve got many more to go…

~The guy at the end of the bar in the blue raincoat