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Q: Is Your Beer Garden open and heated?

A: Our Beer Garden is a large uncovered space. Propane heaters do not make sense because of that. We have two fire pits and a limited amount of firewood. Check our updates or call ahead to see if weather is permitting and the garden is open. * We'll gladly buy you a beer if you bring your own firewood! 

Q:   Can I bring my dog to Bucktown Pub?

A:  YES!!  We love pups at Bucktown Pub!  We ask that they be friendly, well behaved, and on a leash, but they are always welcome.

Q: Can I bring my baby or minor child to Bucktown Pub?

A:  Unfortunately, we are unable to allow minor children on the premises.  Our rule is if they can walk and they can talk, then they need to have a valid ID stating they are 21 or over.  Infants in carriers are fine. 

Q: Do you have food? 

A:  You may bring in outside food, or get something delivered. Ask your bartender if we have frozen pizzas, or pizza puffs available today! 

Q:  Is Bucktown Pub Haunted?

A:  While no one knows for sure, Most of the staff is convinced that the previous owner Walter Bochnek is still hanging around. He still makes his presence known once in a while.