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Q:   Can I bring my dog to Bucktown Pub?

A:  YES!!  We love pups at Bucktown Pub!  We ask that they be friendly, well behaved, and on a leash, but they are always welcome.

Q: Can I bring my baby or minor child to Bucktown Pub?

A:  Unfortunately, we are unable to allow minor children on the premises.  Our rule is if they can walk and they can talk, then they need to have a valid ID stating they are 21 or over.  Infants in carriers are fine. 

Q: Do you have food? 

A:  Other than the free popcorn and an occasional visit from the tamale guy, no.  We are more than happy to allow you to bring in outside food or to get something delivered, though!

Q  Is Bucktown Pub Haunted?

A: While no one knows for sure, Most of the staff is convinced that the previous owner Walter Bochnek is still hanging around.  He still makes his presence known once in a while.

Q: Can I make a reservation?

A: YES!  We are happy to reserve a table for you on most days.  We do not take reservations for Thursday night Trivia, or during special events- but if you give us a call, we can typically accommodate your request.